Photo from the Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

The legendary ABC “Monday Night Football” broadcast team.
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By Dave Lieber

Dandy Don Meredith

Calling all Dallas Cowboys fans and football enthusiasts worldwide!

Step into the riveting narrative of the life of Dandy Don Meredith – The First Dallas Cowboy. This is the only comprehensive biography dedicated to his legacy.

While numerous Dallas Cowboys legends have written books, the absence of Don Meredith’s story left a glaring void.

Yet within the annals of Cowboys history, his narrative shines among the brightest. Enjoy this unprecedented journey through his life, complemented by over 50 captivating images.

Dandy was the trailblazer amidst the galaxy of Cowboys luminaries. From serenading the huddle, much to Coach Tom Landry’s chagrin, to ascending as one of TV sports’ highest-paid announcers, his evolution was nothing short of remarkable.

His infectious humor and memorable banter with the infamous Howard Cosell on ABC’s iconic “Monday Night Football” catapulted him to the upper echelons of broadcasting stardom.

Don Meredith epitomized excellence in every endeavor he pursued. Rooted in his humble beginnings in Mount Vernon, Texas, his journey resonates with inspiration. His genuine care for people mirrored the millions who held him in profound esteem.

Prepare to be captivated by this fascinating book by author Dave Lieber on the extraordinary life of Dandy Don Meredith – a true icon whose legacy transcends the gridiron.

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